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A The top :-) 
Despite apparent fire rings, fires are prohibited on Mt. Nittany
Remember that this is private land, not a state forest!
B View over Route 26, Nittany Mall, Bald Eagle Ridge
C Shortcut to H and hard way down to parking lot.
Just north of here are the 'Nittany Cliffs' with a view over
The Nittany Mall and Rockview State Prison
D Small cliff (neat!) with view over Route 26, Nittany Mall, 
Bald Eagle Ridge
E Careful which way you go here . . . 
numerous blazed and unblazed trails in this area.
F Vista is not on path, but nice. Very steep ridge here.
G Nice view of Tussey Ridge, Boalsburg and Little Flat
H Old trail blazes are painted over and abandoned.
Leads down a gulch past a spring to private property
--respect landowner's rights and don't go this way--
besides, it's a dead end.
I Excellent view of Tussey Ridge, Oak Hall, RT 322 bypass, etc
J This vista is overused, but you'll want to go there.
Views of sunsets, RT322/I99, Beaver Stadium and Penn State
Trail data Copyright 2001 - William Ames


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